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The best shipping connections to world markets:

Choose a port called by 11 of the world's top 15 container lines that serve over 150 countries on every continent. Clinch your sale with prompt customer delivery via Halifax. Choose a port with more scheduled liner services and direct calls to more continents than any other Canadian port.

Inland rail connections:

Choose a port with the ability to handle single or multi-carload rail quantities direct from your rail loading points. Halifax is served by CN.

Container availability:

Choose a port with a reliable supply of empty containers for loading to every point on the globe. Containers offer a fast, safe and cost effective way to transport pulse exports. Containers can either be loaded in bulk (about 23-25 MT per container) or bagged pulses can also be loaded in the containers.

Bulk storage:

Choose a port with the storage capacity available in Halifax. Your products can be inventoried prior to sale, permitting quick delivery to your customers upon sale. Bean ladder equipped.

Fast, efficient trans-load facilities from rail to container:

Choose a port with the proper facilities to transfer your product from bulk rail to bulk container, temporary storage, or into bags. Movement by bulk rail to the Port of Halifax and by containers to your customers means lower inland transportation costs, and prompt shipment to your customers, anywhere in the world.

How can Halifax Grain Elevator help you serve your customers?

Clinch your sale with prompt customer delivery via Halifax.

Direct inbound receipt of your bulk rail shipments from CN rail.

Transfer from bulk rail to ocean-going containers, into storage, or bags.

Bagging of bulk product for container shipment.

Facilities designed to minimize damage to products.

Product sampling.

Full service, including dray of containers to and from nearby ocean container terminals.

Booking and coordination of your shipments with ocean shipping lines.

All inclusive competitive pricing.

Email sales@halifaxgrain.com for inquiries.